mercredi 6 mars 2013

Les amoureux de Guethary

aujourd'hui j'ai repensé aux amoureux de Guethary, à leur jeunesse, à leur été
à ce long baiser sur le petit port où ils étaient seuls au monde

6 commentaires:

  1. Me encanta la foto y el texto tranquilo, sereno, una delicia.
    Un saludo, Ángel

  2. honestly, it seems too good to be real, all of these, the moment of the shutter sealing all of this - too good to be true. and yet it is. you see, the world grants perfection and you capture it. (this and the rainbow girl, as well. i couldn't believe my eyes. did you feel that as it happened?)


  3. the lovers I got them by chance. But as they were spending a long time kissing, it was not too hard to frame and focus. I had to wait for the little girl. Because of this open air shower I could see the rainbow. I made a lot of tries before getting the right pic...