vendredi 14 juillet 2017

Regarder passer le défilé

ce n'est pas d'une actualité folle, il s'agit du 14 juillet 1983. Ici ou j'ai déjà publié de semblables photos. Il y a longtemps que j'ai renoncé à photographier les spectateurs du défilé. Aujourd'hui ils doivent tous avoir des perches et des smartphones, enfin, je dis ça, j'imagine. (linked with the weekend in black and white - Paris in July)

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  1. the boy looks very annoyed.... He is no doubt thinking of the Big Orange Clown who continues to embarrass those of us here--- and probably there as well. Oh, I know, this was years ago, but perhaps he was looking ahead. Have a fine weekend.

  2. Interesting facial expressions gathered here. All seem uncertain just how long to stay there and/or what to do next.

  3. I like photographing spectators.

    Visiting from BLACK AND WHITE WEEKEND.


  4. Nice expressions and attitudes happening here. Everyone here has a story. 1983? One guy looks like he's holding a cell phone, wonder what it really is. Fantastic photo, technically and creatively. I hope people enlarge and spend time looking at it.

  5. A great and timeless photo indeed. Warm greetings!

  6. Great photo, with so many different expressions and attitudes! I love the way they have all crowded onto that bench.

  7. Good choice to link this to 2022 Paris in July. The crowd really feels different from people today, after almost 40 years.

    best... mae at


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